Project 2: Desktop Publishing as applied to Advanced Word Processing and Desktop Publishing 2101

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School: Brother Rice High School
P.O. Box 13910
75 Bonaventure Avenue
St. John's, NF
A1B 4G7
Grade Level: Senior High School

  Project Overview

"The overall aim of Advanced Wordprocessing/Desktop Publishing 2101 is to establish a degree of proficiency and computer awareness which will provide learners with basic skills to serve them in the world of work."

OBJECTIVE 5: Develop the concept of the "Computer as a Tool" to produce quality assignments and projects in various courses using wordprocessing/desktop publishing features.

The above are quotes from the courses objective for Advanced Wordprocessing/Desktop Publishing 2101 as prescribed by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador. This proposal focuses on these two objectives.

In the proposal the students would register and do two brief courses on Introduction to the Internet and a course on the World Wide Web. Involved in these courses are the following:

Introduction to the Internet

  1. Newsgroups - reading, downloading, posting to
  2. E-mail - the basics of using e-mail
  3. Getting hooked up to the Internet and the materials needed
  4. Do's and Dont's when using newsgroups and e-mail
  5. Web Browsers and how to use them (You can actually download a browser, free of charge, and set it up on your own computer)
  6. Terms you encounter and what they mean

Exploring the World Wide Web

  1. The History of the Internet
  2. Terms and what they mean
  3. Web Browsers: different kinds and types (graphics and text)
  4. How to do searches
  5. Various projects using the above searches

This would be simplified and the students would do both courses in approximately a two or three week period and then apply it to the course work directory.

For example, another objective that the students have to know is how "to configure software to suit various hardware configurations" this they would encounter whenever they download something ie. a web browser to use on their own computers, bring in e-mail through an offline reader or bring in lessons in the above courses as an ASCII file and convert them to WordPerfect files and format them to fit WordPerfect, download graphics from different sites to use in their assignments whether it be a term paper for a course or for making advertisements, etc. Also these downloads can be sent directly to the printer and they have to know what specifications to use.

Throughout the different tasks they have to complete they would have to incorporate some graphic or piece of information found on the Web and imported for the particular task. For example, when doing a term paper, which is a paper for a current class that they are taking, they would have to download and use information found by using a search and format it for the paper they are doing. ie. if the paper is Biology they could download graphics to use and information that accompanies it.

When doing a brochure they could obtain information on their own province to use, thus teaching themselves and others about ie. places in Newfoundland, historic sites in St. John's, etc. All of these would then be used in the library as well as posted in classrooms for others to see and read. Even the tremendous amount of items available for Desktop Publishing alone that can be found on the Web is an area which will be explored.

These are just some examples of the enormous potential and learning that could take place for the students who do Advanced Wordprocessing/Desktop Publishing 2101. The Internet and the World Wide Web offer tremendous learning possibilities to the students of Br. Rice.

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