Project 1: Multimedia as applied to Computer Technology 3200

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  General Information

School: Brother Rice High School
P.O. Box 13910
75 Bonaventure Avenue
St. John's, NF
A1B 4G7
Grade Level: Senior High School

  Project Overview

The Computer Technology 3200 course description allows 20% of the course time to be devoted to areas which are directly related to the objectives of the STELLAR Schools project. The 3200 course objectives give the teacher the option to develop and use communications through the Internet. In other areas, of the 3200 curriculum, information in the form of ideas, graphics or sound can be accessed through the Internet and used in student projects.

  Curriculum Connections

The 3200 course objective which can be directly related to STELLAR Schools projects are as follows:

  1. Application Explorations

    a.) Sound sampling, Editing and Playback

    We have two networked multimedia workstations equipped with video and sound editing capability. Since the Internet is moving toward video and sound it can be a great resource for video and sound libraries. Since our multimedia machines are networked into the school's network they can be used as sites to create sound and graphics that can be sent to any computer in the building.

  2. Data Retrieval and Manipulation

    a.) Use of modem and communication software applications to interface with commercial bulletin boards and databases.

    b.) Installation and maintenance of student administered bulletin boards.

    Students can be taught the fundamentals of HTML language so they can design home pages for themselves, the school, the feeder schools, or friends. Students can use the Internet to find graphics for their web pages. Also the Internet can be used as an idea bank for good layout of pages.

  3. Advanced Programming Applications

    a.) Hypermedia Tools: To develop multimedia presentations in some subject area.

    Since we are planning on a Linux server at Brother Rice we can teach Pearl language so students can experiment with forms. Also students can use video/sound (number one above) to incorporate into their multimedia presentations. Students can create slide shows, conduct interviews, or give words of welcome that can be used in web page design.


  1. Teach fundamentals of web browsing early in the school year. This will maximize the utilization of STELLAR Schools projects.
    • search for sites with graphics/video
    • find sites with search engines
    • download files

  2. FTP
    • uploading web pages
    • downloading

  3. Mail
    • Send/Reply
    • Read
    • Print
    • file attachment

  4. HTML Language
    • design own web page
    • assign groups to work on school web page
    • create links to other sites
    • incorporate video/sound into web pages

  5. Once BASIC is taught in the course, add a section on advanced programming using Pearl language to give the students the ability to create forms.

This proposal assumes that the students would be involved, throughout the school year, in extra work outside of the teaching day.

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