Project 3: Networking Students With Physical Disabilities

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  General Information

Lead Teachers: Jane Kelly (Challenging Needs teacher)
Linda Bartlett
School: Booth Memorial High School
145 Freshwater Road
St. John's, NF
A1C 2P1
Grade Level: Senior High School - Special Needs
Number of Students: 5
Project Start and Finish Dates: Term II (January to June 1998)

  Project Overview

This is a continuation of a Schoolnet Rings project begun this year. It is to provide students with physical disabilities an opportunity to network with other students across Newfoundland and Canada with similar disabilities. Students will actively explore the disability-related newsgroups and other resources on the Internet. Students participating in this project will expand their knowledge of issues relevant to their disabilities including: accessibility, independent living, transition to the community, post-secondary issues, and employment concerns. They will create a web page that provides resources and links to other resources that will reflect the advocacy skills they have gained from the project.

  Curriculum Connections

Because of the individualized nature of programming for challenging needs students, the curriculum connections are more general. A number of objectives can be cited for this project. These include:

  • Strengthen communications skills
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Develop problem-solving skills
  • Develop goal-setting skills
  • Increase self-advocacy

The specific goals of the project serve to illustrate the nature of the proposed activities. These include:

  • to introduce students with physical disabilities to computer technology
  • to permit students with physical disabilities to use the resources of the Internet for school-related projects and research
  • to allow students with physical disabilities to access appropriate newsgroups and resources (This should help develop self-advocacy skills.)
  • to link students with physical disabilities with physically disabled students throughout Newfoundland and Canada through an E-Mail penpal system
  • to offer students with physical disabilities the opportunity to create a web page that provides resources and links to other resources.

  Resource Connections

Because of the intensive teacher/student interaction, an Internet connection allowing one computer for each one or two students (depending on individual abilities) is essential.


Evaluation will be informal, based on teacher observation. A number of specific project goals will be assessed.

The student will demonstrate an ability to perform the following (with a level of teacher assistance appropriate to the student's ability).

  • search and access Internet resources
  • access Internet newsgroups
  • establish E-Mail penpals
  • create a web page.

The introduction of Internet skills will enable our less able students to enhance their self-esteem and communication skills. This will facilitate their integration into both the school community and the community in general.

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