Project 2: The Internet in Technology

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  General Information

Lead Teacher: John Bartlett
School: Booth Memorial High School
145 Freshwater Road
St. John's, NF
A1C 2P1
Grade Level: Levels I - III
Number of Students: Approximately 60
Project Start and Finish Dates: Various phases will be on-going throughout the year

  Project Overview

Internet access in this context can be useful at two levels. First of all, it can be used to augment traditional resources (print, videotape, etc.) Using various search mechanisms it can give students access to a wealth of research materials. In addition, Internet access can also be a means whereby students learn about the Internet as a study in itself. Both of these are appropriate when used in the context of Communications Technology 2104/3104 and Computer Technology 3200.

This project would make available the resource to permit completion of a set of specific objectives within the three courses.

  Curriculum Connections

Communications Technology 2104 has, as one of its components, a unit on Networking. Included in this unit is a set of specific objectives related to the use of various Internet tools (browsers, Telnet, E-mail, etc.) In addition, the unit on Marine Communications identifies Internet resources as a valuable tool in researching the topics covered in that module. In a similar fashion, the Curriculum Guide for Communications Technology 3104 gives the Internet as a primary resource for researching Communications in Transportation.

Computer Technology 3200, in keeping with the philosophy of the course, identifies the need for current information on technology. Internet resources are a critical component in such a study.

In Computer Technology 3200 and Communications Technology 2104, students should gain an ability to use Internet drivers, browsers, E-mail facilities, news readers and other Internet tools.

In addition, students in all courses would be expected to use the Internet as a research source and incorporate material obtained into their reports. Students in Computer Technology 3200 would also be required to download and evaluate freeware and shareware.


Specifically, then, students in Computer Technology 3200, Communications Technology 2104 and Communications Technology 3104 should demonstrate an ability in the following (the tasks should be completed with access to notes but without teacher assistance):

  • log in/out of the system
  • set up system parameters


  • access Internet sites
  • use of bookmarks
  • searches
  • downloading data, images, video, sound, software


  • send/read mail
  • maintain address book
  • set up mailing lists
  • forward mail


  • subscribe/unsubscribe
  • read articles
  • post articles


  • log in/out on a remote system


  • download files from ftp sites

In addition to these specific objectives, a number of very important secondary objectives should be achieved:

  1. Assist fellow students who are not enrolled in these courses. This project would provide us with a pool of around sixty students to serve as a school resource.
  2. Transfer Internet research skills to other subject areas (language research, science projects, etc.)
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