Project 2 - Mummering

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Wendy Flood

Sandy Skiffington

School: Bishop Field Elementary
44 Bond Street
St. Johnís, NF
A1C 1S6
Tel: (709) 722-3103
Fax: (709) 722-1058
Grade Level: 5
Number of Students: 25
Project Start and Finish Dates: March 1998 -
  Project Overview

The Social Studies Curriculum for grade 5 students focuses on living in Newfoundland and Labrador. It explores aspects and issues of Newfoundland culture. The grade 5 class of Bishop Feild would like to explore mummering.

A variety of print and non-print resources will be used as sources of information. Parents, grandparents and other members of the community can be interviewed by students to find out how mummering was part of the celebration of Christmas.

Mummers have been known for hundreds of years in many countries, but usually in connection with Christmas. Mummering is still a custom in Newfoundland, especially in the outports. Students will research the custom of mummering and place their results on the school web page. It is hoped that students in other parts of Newfoundland, Canada and other countries of the world will add to our research and interview results via the Internet.


  • develop a knowledge of our history and a pride in our heritage and culture
  • develop a knowledge of how holidays are celebrated and the special kinds of entertainment associated with holidays
  • realize how much forms of entertainment have changed and how they remain the same
  • understand that traditions vary depending on the ancestral origins of the people
  • understand that there are many regional differences in the province with respect to culture

  Curriculum Connections

This project meets course objectives in various areas especially Social Studies and Language Arts.

The study of culture is a major component of the Grade 5 Social Studies Program. In the text The Atlantic Edge: Living in Newfoundland and Labrador Chapter 7 "Work and Entertainment in Grandparentsí Days" mummering is studied as part of Christmas entertainment.

Learning Outcomes:

Students will:

  • compare and contrast Christmas past and present
  • define the term mummering
  • compare and contrast costumes
  • research mummers behavior
  • research the tradition of mummering in other countries especially England, Ireland and Scotland
  • research music related to mummering
  • research art related to mummering
  • research books related to mummering
  • access information from a variety of sources
  • participate in group decision making
  • evaluate, interpret, organize and present the information they find

  Resource Connections

The Stellar Schools Internet connection will enable students to share and exchange information with students on the WWW. Students will use a variety of print and non-print resources including the Internet to research and share their findings.

Students will use:

  • Flatbed scanner
  • Computers in classrooms and LRC
  • Internet connection to WWW
  • Web page creation on school web site


The learning outcomes previously stated will be the ones used to evaluate students. Teacher observation and student work samples will be used to evaluate student progress.

Participation in this project will give students a greater understanding of our history and pride in our heritage and culture.

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