Project 3: Online Research

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Larry Bradley

Sam Fequet

Ken Campbell

Vernon Savoury

School: Goose High School
Box 492, Station "C"
Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Lab.
A0P 1C0
Tel: (709) 896-3366
Grade Level: Level II - III
Number of Students: 24 students
Project Start and Finish Dates: November 1997 to June 1998

  Project Overview

Twenty-four students at Goose High School will be involved in various research projects as part of the course requirements for STS 2206. The students will do research on the topic of Space Technology which has been divided into subtopics.


  1. Exploring Space
    1. Past exploration flights
    2. Current exploration activity
    3. Future exploration projects
  2. Getting into Space
    1. Astronaut training
    2. Physics/Chemistry of Flight
  3. Earth-Orbit Satellites
    1. Types
    2. Purposes
    3. Monitoring of Earth-Orbit satellites
    4. Cost
  4. Space Probes and Space Stations
  5. Living and Working in Space
  6. The Present and Future Impacts of Space Exploration


  1. For the remainder of this academic year, students in STS 2202 will work on various research projects dealing with Space Technology. Students will make class presentations and submit written reports or slide shows.
  2. The project will provide for skill development in research techniques as students are challenged to access and select the material they use.
  3. Students will use word-processing programs to prepare their written reports.
  4. Students may use Corel Presentations to create a slide show of their work.
  5. Students will develop an organized report or presentation which will form a component of their total mark for the course.
  6. Students will use other programs and tools in their research (Scanner, Choices, Encarta, etc.)

  Curriculum Connections

  • Environmental Science 3205
  • Geology 3203
  • Physics 2204
  • Language 2101
  • Technology Education
  • Social Studies
  • Chemistry
  • Career Education

  Technology Education

  1. To use the Internet as a learning tool to research new information.
  2. To develop skills in using computer technology in research and educational presentations.
  3. To use a variety of sources to validate and determine the accuracy of information.
  4. To compare the various technologies as learning tools, by identifying the advantages and disadvantages of each.

  Resource Connections

The 24 students will use the computer lab (17 computers) to research the project and complete their written reports and/or slide shows. The file server and networking will allow the students to share common software and have access to the Internet.


The student will incorporate their online research findings into their research papers and presentations.

Their research papers will include selected material accessed through the Internet and software programs and organized for classroom presentation and instruction.

The students learn to collaborate and combine individual research into a group project.

The students will list the research strategies that they developed while using the Internet and they will share these strategies with their fellow students.

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