Project 2:

  General Information

Lead Teacher(s): Mike O'Donnell
School: Goose High School
Box 492, Station "C"
Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Lab.
A0P 1C0
Tel: (709) 896-3366
Grade Level: Level II
Number of Students: 25 students
Project Start and Finish Dates: 1997-98 School Year

  Project Overview

I am proposing that my Language 2101 students incorporate the Internet into a course already designed for research. Students will develop appropriate topics and use web search engines to find resources that are applicable. Through e-mail and chat rooms, students will initiate and develop contacts that will broaden their understanding of a particular topic and different views concerning that topic. In addition, students will monitor a relevant news group, post queries and learn how microchip technology can be incorporated into our world.


The goals of the project are to provide a structured approach to information retrieval over the Internet. We wish to promote independent inquiry into topics of concern to students, as well as teaching students to discriminate between the high and low quality information. The ability to assimilate, integrate and present information in a logical coherent essay is another goal of this project.

  Curriculum Connections

Outcomes: This project meets course objectives for Language 2101, and English 1211. There is considerable overlap between all the disciplines depending on the topics chosen and the cooperation of other educators. Enhanced communication skills would be a desirable development.


  • Complete a research essay using Internet resources.
  • Data retrieval and manipulation.
  • Familiarization with a variety of software applications on the Internet.
  • Discrimination between accurate and inaccurate resources.

  Resource Connections

  • 25 Pentium 100MHz computer
  • Cable Atlantic and STEM~Net: STELLAR Schools
  • Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator web browsers


  • Final essay
  • Observation of the use of software
  • Quantity and quality of information retrieved
  • Oral presentation on topic
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